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Project: enoRMITy


enoRMITy is a virtual digital student advisor for RMIT students as a web-­based Mobile app. This application is part of a project completed for Buliding IT Systems (COSC2635) for RMIT University. Using IBM Bluemix as the platform we have scraped the staff directory of RMIT’s website for training data for IBM’s Watson­ based intelligence and then provided a natural language Q&A service so students can get advice on the go. For instance a student might ask “what is the phone number of the head of the business school?” The app will answer the question with the name and phone number of the appropriate staff member. To achieve this we have utilized a number of APIs from IBM including the Conversation and Tone Analyser APIs.

Technology Stack for enoRMITy
Technology Stack for enoRMITy

The app is built as a Node.js application with an AngularJS front-end. We used both IBM Cloudant and CouchDB for our NoSQL datastore, NodeRED to wire the services together, Auth0 for the authentication, and developed and hosted on IBM Bluemix.


The iOS app is coming soon.


The Android App is available for download here.


You can use the system in your browser here.

My role

UX/UI, lead programmer, AI dev, designer and scrum master.


Still under development are it’s integrations with Slack and Telegram. We hope to develop the app further by back-propagating more natural language to retrain on the fly, and to also integrate text-to-speech and speech-to-text.

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